Crippled winds

by Chow Mwng



20 Minute sound collage in two parts featuring field recordings,
electronics and new poetry.

Crippled winds are Stalking streets
Dumping umbrellas in bins.
Drawing out urban heels inside

I hate poets you know
I hate fake poetry
but Love the poetic in life
formed raw from the real

I hate hollow poems
Written by academic minds
Too busy writing to actually write
- Punch face -

All weather systems
Seem settled now
But we are still
Walking on eggshells

I was happy that day -
That day they found me
Naked and content
Amongst the Brie
At Lidl in Horesham

'Age' someone said to me Is a
Wolf among the Sheep 'Too true' I replied

I tapped him On the shoulder and said 'You are a great musician' Then he knew he was A great musician

It's true isn't it
But just in case you didn't know
We thought we'd
Better spell it out


When it comes to flirting with it
Who dares wins !

After the incident it was clear
That what happened wasn't rare.
It wasn't rare at all.

Perhaps it had been secret and defensive
But the background was there
Scandal paid by tax payers
Nothing is going according to plan

Ease up on plan A
Hang low on plan B and
Call upon the international think tank

Now the shoe didn't appear
To hit the president
Fit the resident
So How are we gonna cope?

And how long have we got before they notice

Some things you can't afford to miss
But you sit and conform instead
Zero casualties

A hungover man is
In the water looking
For golf balls

He keeps himself to himself
But is still walking on eggshells
All the same

Life spills into this book
These words shout "The rodeo clown"

We thought he might
Have been busy that day
But no

The spill continued
Long after the sun went down

Drinking and success
Do not mix my friend
They leave you in a dry hole

Distant lives of
The ones that raised you
Hurt and complicate

I miss you Miss me

In order to break the habit It's important to define yourself
By the things you hate

Everything seems twisted As only these things can be


released April 15, 2013



all rights reserved



The North Wales sound art society / Noise music/ Field recordings/ Spoken word / Pethaugarw art zine

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